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INITIAL CONSULTATION: As part of your free initial consultation, an assessment, pinpointing specific strengths and weaknesses will be used to create a customized instruction plan.

HIGHLY QUALIFIED STAFF: The student will work with highly qualified tutors. The tutoring center has extremely high standards by which ALL tutors must adhere. Creative Tutoring and Educational Services is owned and operated by a certified teacher with over ten years experience.

CUSTOMIZED TUTOR SESSION: Our tutors come in early to prepare for the studentís arrival. Each student has a tutoring plan that outlines what work is to be accomplished. Each student is given a warm up relative to the subject matter. We provide homework support when needed and then the remainder of the session is used to concentrate on the weak academic areas. You may see some students working on a marker board or in a small group. Creative Tutoring and Educational Services use the teaching technique known as differentiated instruction which tailors instruction based on each studentís specific needs and learning styles. We also use a method known as direct instruction which is a step by step approach to the subject matter that is being addressed.

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